Jerry and Stretchy – Setup


Live demo of Jerry’s setup. Here are the list of all functionalities that are presented here.

  • Stretchy spline with global and local hips control
  • Twisty and stretchy FK arm
  • Arms orient : following shoulders, body or world
  • Stretchy IK arm
  • Stretchy IK arm, elbow lock mode
  • Stretchy IK arm with FK elbow lock mode
  • Global and local controls for the hand and fingers
  • Movable head in translation
  • Head orient : following neck, shoulders, body or world
  • Fleshy eyes
  • Eyes orient : follow head or world
  • Basics facial setup and squashy head control
  • Stretchy IK no flip leg
  • Stretchy IK leg with pole vector visible
  • Stretchy FK leg
  • Knee lock
  • Full feet controls
  • MEL based gui with different functionalities :
    • Select all controls
    • Key all controls
    • Reset pose for body controls
    • Reset pose for head controls
    • Reset pose for selection
    • Match button, to match switch between IK and FK with no pop
  • Easy buttons to switch between IK/FK/Elbow lock/Knee lock mode


  • Maya
  • MEL Scripting